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maddiepana posted a comment on Thursday 25th June 2009 10:32am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

I've been told that this two part series is worth the read. Unfortunately, I can't locate the first part, so I may never know (yes, I *am* one of those people who won't watch a movie if she misses the first 10 minutes).

Slythendor posted a comment on Sunday 8th March 2009 8:40am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

This is soo bloody hillarious!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thanks kindly :).   I'm glad you're having fun with the story.


Lady Alchymia

noylj posted a comment on Monday 16th February 2009 10:57am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

So far, you seem to have some real "winners" in the firsties who should have been drowned at birth. Of course, using the hair potion shows that there might be some promise, or they are just followers...
Nice chapter. No mercuriol waters, no death of Harry, very little Cho, not enough Susan, have no idea what Herms or any other girl sees in Ron, but Harry at least at a good time for once.

Lady Alchymia replied:


Lady A

Alice posted a comment on Thursday 29th January 2009 10:35am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Here I am again! I don't think I generally review very often but I am a faithful reader of your stories. I can't count the number of times I've reread Awakenings, both the old version and the new one! I was so very glad to see that you updated because I absolutely loved Psychomachia the first time around. You have a knack for capturing the characters so perfectly and giving them even more depth than they started out with. I absolutely loved the bit where Amanda asked if there was enough in the bottle for two... You wrote Ron perfectly as well! I can just imagine him being angry at Harry like that. Harry's speech to the firsties definitely made me giggle a few times, like when he said McGonagall was usually smarter! Looking forward to your next update!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hello Alice,

It's so nice to hear from you :). And thank you for your lovely compliments.

Amanda is one of my favourite wee first years.   There's a Hufflepuff goodness in her that (for me) trumps the flashiness of Gryffindor courage.   The Gryffindors  agreed without hesitation in  'going out in sympathy' with Willow--in doing the right thing--but it was a Hufflepuff who showed them what the right thing was.   Gryffindors get all the kudos for being brave (and often rightly so), but they are just as brave about doing wrong as  doing  right.   I think it's the Gryffindor who has a good dollop of Hufflepuff (justice, equality, empathy) in him that is the one we really admire as being a 'true Gryffindor'.

Poor Ron.   He will get his own back :).

I'm glad you enjoyed Harry's speech; when he said that McGonagall was usually 'smarter than that' [in sending him for the first years], much giggling occured in the Great Hall.   The lady herself, sitting at the high table,  rolled her eyes then glared impotently at Dumbledore, who stifled a chuckle behind his jeweled goblet.


Lady Alchymia

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Thursday 29th January 2009 6:10am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

That was great. Loved Harry's introduction for the first years.

One confusing thing -- the first paragraph: Why is Harry entering the train through the window?

Thanks for the story.

Tom A.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Tom,

Thanks kindly for your compliments!

Harry was wriggling  back through the window because he'd just waved goodbye to the Lupins at Kings Cross Station.   And I think it's a good pickup as being confusing because I don't mention that until a few paragraphs down.   I'll look at making that first paragraph clearer.   Thanks!

Kind regards,

Lady Alchymia

millie johanson posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 11:07pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

This is going to be such a great ride thanks for taking me along.
Ch 1 was a delight I hope for more ch like this Harry and the first years. Harry and Ginny always looked out for the younger ones In most of my stories I read as they know what it feels like to be the youngest and forgotten or left out. Thanks for the laughs, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Miss Millie I'm looking for an author Milygo of HP and The Final Battle Thanks again for the great ride.

Lady Alchymia replied:

I am delighted for your company on the ride, Millie!   Astute points about empathy.   Harry especially has a knack for feeling empathy for others.   Thanks so much for your feedback!

Lady Alchymia

brad posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 6:35pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

So pleased to see part 2 up and running! And commencing with one of the best HP fanfic chapters I've ever read!

I know I've perused this chapter before (several times) and posted reviews, but every time it's worthwhile. This time I think I saw something I hadn't noticed before:

> I’m so glad you survived another summer

Heh. That's our Luna. :-)

Just a brilliant talk between Harry and the maggots - I love reading it every time - and finishing so wonderfully, "Is there enough in that bottle for two?". I love these kids sometimes. There's a 'goodness' in most of them, under your pen, that makes reading your work a real joy.

Since you're starting this sequel again from the beginning, would you suppose it would make a difference if I came out from the start lobbying hard for Harry/Hermione instead of Harry/Susan? Forget the Hufflepuff! Gryffindor squared for the win! :-)

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hey Brad :)

You old sweetheart, I'm glad you enjoyed Harry's adventure in the cavern (again! lol).   I always appreciate hearing your feedback.

There are few characters in HP that are as fun to write as Luna Lovegood.   Rowling really invented a delightful girl there.

I wrote a wee bit about my take on eleven-year-old's in my response to Clell65619 earlier, and I think Luna epitomises for me that rare girl who retains the very best bits of 11 as she grows older.

I just loved what you said about the maggots having a goodness 'under my pen'--that's just such a beautiful thing to say, thank you!

Harry & Hermione?   Lobby away LoL.

Big hugs!


Concealed Convict posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 4:18pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Sheer brilliance. Love it! Please update soon; I'm really looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. Keep up the good work. It's just a pity that so many people won't read a story just because it isn't M or NC-17. This story is brilliant and would get so many more reviews, which never hurt. Already checking the email inbox for an update.


Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you so much for your delightful compliments :).   It's true not many people review my stories, but that's okay.   They're still fun to write :).   And it makes me especially appreciative when people do take the time to drop me a line.   So thank you!

Lady Alchymia

kate19 posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 11:36am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play


i loved reading emerald tablet and psychomachia before you started to rewrite them!! but what i hope most of all is that you will continue psychomachia. it's a very good story. and i like reading it and rereading it!


Lady Alchymia replied:

Hello Kate,

It never fails to blow me away when someone  re-reads my stuff.   Thank you for sharing that with me :).   And thanks for hanging in there for the second story!


Lady A

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 28th January 2009 1:57am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

This is such a good chapter. I love Harry's talk to the first years. That was brilliant. Of course Ron might have reason to think otherwise. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hello there!

Thank you very much for your kind comments.   And good for you for thinking about poor Ron!   I hope you enjoy the rest :).

Lady Alchymia

Clell65619 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2009 7:13pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

- Brilliant, this chapter is just wonderful. Harry's dealings with the firsties was poetic.

- I have no idea how I've managed to miss this story. Thank you.

Lady Alchymia replied:

I have never before been called poetic.   I am seriously chuffed.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed Harry with the kids.   Eleven is just a glorious age.   You know, it's said that a woman's self-esteem peaks at the age of eleven or twelve then sharply declines throughout adolescence and young adulthood, and that she only comes close to reclaiming the wondrous heights of 11 after about age 40.   Men fare slightly better.   Both genders at 11 are prone to worrying about little things happening to them, like being late for class, or catastrophes happening to them, like losing parents or the world ending, but other than that they're wonderfully can-do and generally appalled by all that is ill with the world.   And they have just the right amount of confidence (and just enough lack of life experiences) to believe that any problem can be solved.

Okay, you probably don't care about that lol, but such things were much in my mind when constructing my little set of first years.

I'm glad you found the story :).

Lady Alchymia

Kym posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2009 4:43pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Hello LA:

I am so happy you have started reposting! I thought the Emerald Tablet had a lot of overall charm but Psychomachia has charm and flow. Looking to enjoy it all over again.


Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Kym *smiles and waves*

I appreciate that, thank you!! Flow is something I'm really trying hard to improve.   I  have a woeful tendency to  write myself into cosy cul-de-sacs.

Kind regards,


Von posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2009 9:59am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Oh NOES! All the other chapters are gone again!! :D

Oh well. Such a shame.

At least my favourite part - the maggots - was ready and splendid!!

Really awesome stuff.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hello there again!

Thanks very much for hanging in there :).

Lady Alchymia

Bob Officer posted a comment on Tuesday 27th January 2009 1:18am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Having your voice broadcast to Hogwarts
worth lots of sickles

"Ask Snape about being gay"!
Absolutely priceless.

Please do continue.

Lady Alchymia replied:

LoL just so!   Thank you very much!

Lady A

Malimber ConDoin posted a comment on Monday 26th January 2009 11:44pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

That was bloody brilliant and on the fan-o-scale you get 5/5. This has got to be the bestest sorting speech ever. I have been rereading and rereading this fic constantly and so far this has been my eleventh read and I am still cracking up. Now for the best part the sorting and the sorting hat response to the Hufflepuff response of the first years to that hair job. I am going to be on pins and needles waiting to see the response to Harry’s first year speech and Professor Snape response to the 'gay talk'. I commend you for a brilliant fic and eagerly await your next update.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there,

5/5?   Excellent!   I'm delighted  you enjoyed it that much.   Eleven times--wow!   I'm deeply flattered :).

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your feedback with me.   I hope you'll  like the next installment.

Lady Alchymia

fountaam posted a comment on Monday 26th January 2009 11:48am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

The Harry sorting speech from this chapter is one of my favorite scenes in this whole fandom. :)

Lady Alchymia replied:

Awww, what a lovely thing to say!   Thanks so much!

Lady Alchymia

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Monday 26th January 2009 4:13am for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Another author-friend of mine told me that 'Awakenings' was one of her favourites and the last few days I've been reading and reading (even in bed) and I loved it.
This first chapter is really promising and I love it. The subtle humour that you use just does it for me.
In your former story you mentioned that Harry saw himself with a redhead instead of Cho and that does give me hope.:D It could be Susan or it could be Ginny (my favourite) but I'll love it none the less.
Good luck on your new 'adventure' in writing this story. Looking forward to it. Thanks in advance. C

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there,

I love the idea of being read in bed :).   I'm so glad you enjoyed Awakenings.   I appreciate your good wishes!

Thanks kindly!

Lady Alchymia

Jimbocous posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2009 4:33pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

Welcome back with the sequel. Great opening chapter, had me laughing out loud through most of it. Simply great! Thanks!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you very much!!   It's really gratifying to make people laugh intentionally :).

All the best!

Lady A

Sara posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2009 4:04pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

OH how long we have waited!!! I've missed this story so much and the changes to this part i'm sure will make it as brilliant as the first.
I'm glad you didn't cut very much from this, how harry dealt with the first years is so much fun!!!
I'm glad you're writing again, keep up the good work!!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Sara,

It's so nice to hear that,, thank you very much indeed!   I'm looking forward to writing the rest of it too.


Lady A

DrT posted a comment on Sunday 25th January 2009 2:00pm for Chapter 1 — Child’s Play

I'd forgotten that scene in the cavern; excellent chapter!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thanks very much indeed!

Lady Alchymia