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noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 24th February 2009 9:22am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Pork? Herms smells like pork? Is this a remnent of the perfume or Ron's scrambled brains? When will Harry ditch the loser?
Good chapter, but Harry and Sue are NOT getting together very quickly. At least give him something fun (since he doesn't seem to see the humor in his two dork friends).

Lady Alchymia replied:

Ron's tongue doesn't always work too well. Hermione doesn't smell like pork.   Harry loves his friends, and he enjoys their company; he's not ditching anyone anytime soon.


Lady Alchymia


Jarrod posted a comment on Monday 23rd February 2009 11:18am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Just as good of a read this time as it was the first, though I have to admit I'm anxious to get to some new material. Keep on truckin'!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you very much, Jarrod.   I'm keen to get to newer bits too :).

Lady A

fruit17 posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 10:30pm for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

I just want to let you know how much I love your story. It's so original - from Professor Flamel to the wonderful Purgo Puteo charm, it's like no other fanfiction I've ever read. You get the characters spot on, and there is so much life and humour it's as good as reading canon. I particularly enjoyed Harry's speech to the first years, and of course his "More Clueless" badge penance.

I loved "Awakenings" and I think I must have checked once a week for months in the hope that you'd start posting the sequel. I'm delighted that you're updating so quickly as I can't wait to read more!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there Fruit :),

What lovely complimenst to receive, thank you very much indeed!!   I guess it seems funny to call a piece of fanfiction original, but I get what you mean, and I appreciate it.   I guess that is what makes it such a fun challenge  for me, that there's this rigid backdrop that everyone knows backwards and that I have to work within and  that I must  find something interesting to say that Rowling hasn't already got covered (which isn't easy LoL).

I'm glad you're enjoying the story and hope you like the rest :).


Lady Alchymia

Anthony May posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 7:45pm for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Mistress Alchymia:

I cannot tell you what a joy it is to see that you have updated again. Even though I am half way around the world from you and only exist in these reviews, know that there is a guy in Southern California who has enjoyed your company and the hours of entertainment immensely. When I see that you've updated, I get excited knowing as you take my hand and lead me on a journey where I can escape, if only for a short time, into the world you have created. Keep up the great work and please, let me escape again soon!

Lady Alchymia replied:

That has to be the loveliest  'update soon' message I've ever received.   And I'm not trying to be smart; I really appreciate your encouragement; it's utterly delightful.   It is odd corresponding with a reader only through a keyboard and yet feeling you know something of them as a person.  It's just lovely to be reminded that my story, trifle that it may be, has given someone such pleasure.   As base as fanfiction can be, there is one thing about it that properly published works rarely give to writers, and that is an inescapable insight into their readership.   However over or under-generous reviews might be, they all reveal something telling about the reviewer (perhaps without the reviewer's awareness :) ).   With your messages, I always feel better about myself or my writing or both, and that is a lovely gift to receive, so thank you.

Lady A

beauty01021 posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 5:08pm for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

yeah great chapter can't wait for more so please update again and soon.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thanks kindly.

Lady A

brad posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 3:05pm for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

I always liked the scene with Harry being able to escape his bubble using 'mind power'. While many fanfics go over-the-top with the whole 'super Harry' thing it *is* nice to have a hero/protagonist who is demonstrably better than his peers in at least some respects, who has that 'something extra'. Wondering how/if this will plug into the story later on.

Can't help but salute Harry's resolve to stand on his own two feet and learn everything he can to proactively carry the fight to Voldemort - or at least be prepared for their next clash. Another sign of a protagonist who deserves our support while reading this story. Not to mention what he goes through in delving through his memories coming up.

First it was Susan's bountiful<DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL> modest cleavage - well, that's coming up - now it's one "long, bare leg". *sigh*

(Why couldn't he be interested in Hermione's "long expanse of milky skin"? Silly boy! :-))

You know, that "Hermione eyed them longingly" sentence is rather poignant if you focus on it (and I'm sure all your readers focus on anything regarding Hermione). In all fairness to Hermione's "boys", she certainly wouldn't be always satisfied with their company on the intellectual front, would she? I could quite see the cleverest girl of her year/generation sometimes wistfully wondering what it would be like to be part of the Ravenclaw collective.

Given how a smell was basically the first indication of the disastrous H/G romance in HBP I read the last section of this chapter twice, but I regret to say I couldn't find any pattern to the various food-related smells that the Trio experienced.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Brad,

I've always liked that Harry's super-power is chastity (and by that I mean self-moderation, having a choice between vice and virtue and choosing virtue).   He often fails to exercise this super-power, but when he does, he tends to win.   And such is the nature of Flamel's bubble, something anyone can destroy but only the chaste can defeat.   And you can trust that this kind of super-power will definitely recur in the story :).

Your comments about a 'protagonist who deserves our support' are very well made.   It's something that's easy to forget when trying to make characters realistically fallible, for readers do want their hero to be special in some way that is meritorious to them (whether that be that the hero is beautiful or intelligent or witty or brave or athletic or whatever).   For me, I like Rowling’s Harry as he is and don’t feel the need to give him more wit or beauty or athleticism etc than he has in the books, but that doesn’t mean I’m never guilty of throwing in a few fanciful add-ons now and then. The convenient piano memories from the first draft being a good example.   The super-things I’ve taken from canon (and merrily run away with) are pretty much confined to his book 1-5 visions, possession, and astral travel experiences (like flying on an owl to Voldemort’s hideout in book 4, or possessing Nagini in book 5, and of course his possession experiences (as a victim) in the Ministry battle), as opposed to giving him new powers (like making him a natural Animagus or Metamorphmagus or a super-wizard Heir of Gryffindor etc).

Our poor Hermione … yes, she was looking very longingly towards the brainy Ravenclaws in the corner.   I think you are right in that as much as she loves her boys, she might crave a few more geeky friends.

Ah, smells … scents sounds more appealing.   My take on what the kids signature smells would be was completely invented by me, so don’t bother looking for connections with the Amortentia Potion from canon.

Let’s see ...

* Harry was always going to get peach.   I was thinking of  the ‘Divine Peach’ in Chinese mythology.   Consuming the rare peach grants immortality, which I re-interpreted for HP as correlating to Voldemort killing Harry (or trying to) in order to attain immortality.

* Hermione got cloves, and that was a wee bit more whimsical.   Her parents are dentists, and cloves are used medicinally in dentistry.   Cloves are also pointy and sharp and ugly but they smell exotic and delicious and make other things taste so much better.   And this made me thing of Hermione, not that I think of her as being ugly, but that she can be sharp and her main role in life in HP is stick it to the boys and make them be better people.

* Ron got honey.   Don’t even get me started LoL.   Suffice to say that honey represents goodness, and sweetness, and knowledge (yes, knowledge), and that is what Hermione goes all weak-kneed for.

* Someone coming up gets vanilla bean.   And that has a complex mythology I don’t want to get into, but in general vanilla is both a pure and seductive scent.

Always a pleasure, Brad :).


Lady A

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 1:58pm for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

I really like this chapter. The bubble shield was great. I'm glad Harry stuck it out and solved the problem on his own. Perenelle was really pleased that he beat the shield without resorting to violent spells. The fact that Harry thought about those who love him to break the spell was great. I hope he thinks of that soon. It will help him in everything he does. It is also great that he was able to cure the "little prince" smell problem for his friends. Of course Ron and Hermione can find a reason to argue about anything. Susan is still on the top of Harry's mind. I hope he gets to say something to her soon. She likes him too, he just doesn't know it yet. Thanks so much for writing. pms

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hey there :),

I'm delighted you enjoyed the DADA lesson.   You're right, Perenelle was very pleased with Harry's performance -- but after the way Harry saved the Philosopher's Stone, she expected nothing less.   She has high hopes for Harry.

The Purgo charm taps into everything that is good inside Harry, but, yes, Ron and Hermione will find a way to butt heads about anything lol.

Susan is someone Harry quite likes, both as a friend and as a girl,  but you are spot on in saying  he doesn't understand where Susan stands on the topic  (and it's fair to say he's not too clear on  his own mind  either)  -- yet.   The next chapter will help bring a few things into focus for him.

Thanks kindly!

Lady A

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 11:46am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

OK, so the secret of the smelly perfume is out - it was Lavender's attack against a rival.

The defense class was interesting.

I am curious, though, that Harry hasn't tried to do more for the Longbottoms. I thought he was in an excellent position to help them.

Does he still go astral projecting at night? (or whatever you want to call it?)

Thanks for the story. I'm looking forward to the Light Arts. When I first heard of that, I thought of some sort of fighting magic that's more offensive than Defense Against the Dark Arts. But if it's really _art_.... Quite promising.

Thanks for the story.

Tom A.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there, Tom,

You're welcome!   I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

During the summer story, post-hospital, Harry talked to Neville about his parents when they met up at the Harpies' Quidditch game.   Harry was going to invite them to holiday with him and Lupins on Black Island, but Neville told Harry that his parents were coming home for the rest of the holidays, and that he was really excited about that.   In the coming weeks, Harry and Neville will discuss his parents again and let's just  say that Harry isn't about to do anything  against Neville's wishes as regards his parents.

Does he still go astral travelling?   Excellent question.   After the accident, the stronger his body grew, the less prone his soul  came to accidentally floating off into the ether.   Harry did eventually work out how to leave his sleeping body deliberately, but only when he happened to 'wake up' within his sleeping body.   Similar to that kind waking-dreaming state you might go through in the morning when you haven't truly woken up yet.

Over the summer, Elizabeth trained him to meditate himself into deep trance-like states, and he's continuing to do those meditations at school (because he doesn't want to leave his mind open to more false visions from Voldemort like the one he had of Sirius being tortured in OOTP).   This means that he's pretty much just getting a lot of sleep at night these days. However, you can expect to see some astral travel happening further along in the story, just not too much in the early chapters.

I'm pleased to say you'll be finding all about Light Arts in the next chapter!


Lady A

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 10:12am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Darn, this was way too short. Time flew by at the speed of light.
I learned one thing after this though. Never read your chapters while eating! I was having a lovely, home made, COLT sandwich (chicken onion lettuce tomato) but I spitted the first bite all over my keyboard whilst reading the first part. So glad I did'nt just take a sip of milk! LOL

So many things I loved about this chapter. I love the mysterie surrounding your Prof. Flamel. Your humour makes me ache in a very good way.
"The incredible bouncing ferret bounces again!" by Ron, Susan's plight with her bare naked leg (Harry doesn't seem bothered by Susans possible attraction to Justin which gives me hope!) sticking out for all to see. Everybody's bubble being so colourfull and of course eau de little prince .

But the best bit for me was the end.
Harry's charm has the result like an Amortentia potion that smells differently for each.Ron’s fingers slid into Hermione’s sleeve and pushed it right up to her elbow, revealing a long expanse of milky skin to inhale, which he did with great enthusiasm. Harry, stuck in the middle, looked to the sky and silently begged for the bell to ring. But Ron accidentaly comparing Hermione to Pork/Miss Piggy had me gasping for air and I could just see in my mind how she might give him a good wack a la Miss Piggy.

My Dear Lady, thank you for making my day end with all this laughter, it feels so good.

Thank you. Until next time, take care.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you so much for lovely comments.   (Your sandwich sounds good, too!)   I'm delighted you enjoy the humour in the story; that's very gratifying to hear.

Poor Ron can really be rather clueless sometimes (And I suspect he'd probably think Miss Piggy was rather cute).   By the way, it's true that the real Miss Piggy (the real Henson Muppet) did actually have a perfume on the market at one point in the nineteen-nineties.

Don't ask me how I know this LoL.

Thanks for your good wishes!!


Lady Alchymia

Carol Layland posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 7:50am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

This is a lovely fun chapter. The use of a new type of spell is most intriguing and innovative. It is a real pleasure to read a story that is well concieved and well written as well as being a completely new concept.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Carol,

Thank you kindly!   I appreciate your compliments very much :).   Rowling has created such a  wonderful universe to play in, but it is fun to add a few wee things.   The Purgo spell will be coming up again (several times!) throughout the story.  


Lady Alchymia

Harold Clark posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 7:18am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

He! He! What a hoot! I don't think I've ever laughed at HJP before and I've read some pretty wild fanfics. Good read Lady A!

Lady Alchymia replied:

I'm delighted you enjoyed it, Harold.   Thank you very much :).

Lady A

DrT posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 6:41am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Just imagining three teens smelling each other is amusing as you have, rather than disturbing. . . .

Lady Alchymia replied:

*chuckles*   Yes ... I assure you there was much grimacing in the performance of such best-friend duties.

leanne posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 6:27am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

Thanks for another great chapter. I love the way you get your characters to act as if they really are kids, so many stories have Harry acting way too old for his age.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Cheers, Leanne!   I must admit I do try hard to make the kids act like kids.   It seems very strange to me to think of writing mid-teens as if they've already passed through all the stages and rituals of adolescence and have just popped back into mid-teen bodies ready to speak and act like twenty-somethings.   It also seems strange to think of writing the late-thirties Lupin (or Elizabeth) as if they are in the same age bracket as Bill & Tonks & Fleur.   Something I like about Jo Rowling's writing is that she does give these generational spins on characters.   Something that will come up in a few chapters is Minerva McGonagall (seventy?) having a very strong and very born-in-the-nineteen-twenties reaction to what younger readers may consider a trifling matter.

Thanks kindly for your compliments, Leanne :).

Lady Alchymia

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Saturday 21st February 2009 5:45am for Chapter 3 — Purgo Puteo

LOL, again loved that part at the end with Ron seeming to do so right and then just blow it all again; also enjoyed the meet with Ms Flamel, and she's a master of magic that Albus only wishes he was, imo.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you very much indeed!   I have a lot of fun messing with Ron & Hermione's minds.   I find Ms Flamel a very intriguing character  to write.   Having spent ten lifetimes as a witch, magic must surely be as natural and reflexive to her as breathing and eating.   And she's had plenty of time to hone child-minding skills.   I would love to be able to just whisper 'silence' and have a bunch of kids instantly wish to be so.


Lady A